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False Friends

Book Work, 2010

The storyline for this detective book is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders at the Rue Morgue (1841). Unlike the original, which is set in Paris, teh activities of  False Friends take place in Antwerp (Belgium), in 2006, during a time of racially-based political unrest. The text was written in English and then split into 3 different languages. The narrator only speaks Dutch, the detective only French and all texts within texts are in English.


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False Friends was produced by the Kunstverein, Amsterdam with design work by Jaan Evart, Marc Hollenstein, Stephen Serrato.


Never Quite There

Mixed Media, 2008

This piece was developed in response to an illustration from the Regnum Congo (1598). This centuries-old European travelogue contains representations of the Congo by artists who had never been to the place being described (the De Bry brothers). Because they were relying on travellers’ descriptions, the artists used elements from European landscapes to describe faraway Central Africa.

The piece is made up of a series of texts that are available for reading . They provide fragmented descriptions of aspects of the city of Ghent, where the artist was living, temporarily. The texts are intended to allow the viewer to create their own composite picture of the place. The wall painting is adapted from one of the more fantastical creatures from the Regnum Congo. It became the logo for Garamond Press.

[PDF of texts]