Book Works (2010-2011)

Book Works (2010-2011)

An Extended Alphabet

Book Work, 2011

This artist book is a response to the Medieval bestiary Der Naturen Bloeme by Jacob Van Maerlant (circa 1350). While the bestiary categorizes and describes the known natural world from that time, An Extended Alphabet, lists a variety of elements from the contemporary built environment of the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

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An Extended Alphabet was produced by Expodium (Utrecht), book designed in collaboration with CLEVERĖšFRANKE

False Friends

Book Work, 2010

The storyline for this detective book is based on Edgar Allen Poe’s Murders at the Rue Morgue (1841). Unlike the original, which is set in Paris, the activities of  False Friends take place in Antwerp (Belgium), in 2006, during a time of racially-based political unrest. The text was written in English and then split into 3 different languages. The narrator only speaks Dutch, the detective only French and all texts within texts are in English.

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False Friends was produced by the Kunstverein (Amsterdam), book designed in collaboration with Jaan Evart, Marc Hollenstein & Stephen Serrato.