Text Pieces & Projects (2008-2014)

Text Pieces & Projects (2008-2014)


Legend Neutral

Advertisement in the Offenburger Tageblatt & 1000 x A0 posters, 2011


For an exhibition in Karlsruhe, I wrote a story in Volapük, a constructed global language invented in that region by Johann Marten Schleyer (in 1879). At the same time, typeface designers Avoid Red Arrows were commissioned to develop a font for Volapük’s specific requirements.

The resulting text piece was exhibited at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art as a series of posters. It was also printed in the Offenburger Tageblatt, a newspaper that had been running since 1812, with a circulation extending across Baden-Württemburg, including where Volapük originated and ZKM is located.

Lusag Plana Rigik is about Ernst Haeckel’s relationship to Goethe, written in the style of a legend.








Osthang Presse

Artist edition of Osthang Project publication, 2014


Publication made for the Osthang Project 2014 in Darmstadt.

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From now on in

Animation (duration: 12min), 2014


This piece picks up on recurring tropes in dystopian literature to imagine what life might be like in a post-apocalyptic Johannesburg. In the given scenario, a small group of people survive in the ruins of what was previously the CBD area.





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The Biggest Sculpture in the World

Vinyl, 2009






Never Quite There

Mixed Media, 2008

This piece was developed in response to an illustration from the Regnum Congo (1598). This centuries-old European travelogue contains representations of the Congo by artists who had never been to the place being described (the De Bry brothers). Because they were relying on travellers’ descriptions, the artists used elements from European landscapes to describe faraway Central Africa.

The piece is made up of a series of texts that are available for reading . They provide fragmented descriptions of aspects of the city of Ghent, where the artist was living, temporarily. The texts are intended to allow the viewer to create their own composite picture of the place. The wall painting is adapted from one of the more fantastical creatures from the Regnum Congo. It became the logo for Garamond Press.

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