The Remaindering

The Remaindering

The Remaindering

Book Work, 2022

The Remaindering is an artist book that uses combinations of image, text and sculptural values to talk about constructions attached to political regimes that have been neglected or considered architectural failures. The exhibition-within-a-book deals with stubborn man-made constructions that no longer function along the lines that their makers originally intended. From never-finished bridges and unmade architectural plans to partially dilapidated public monuments, these remainders still have a use within their own ecosystems. Remainders fail to continue to uphold their intended meanings for humans partly because of the passing of the political power that had them built. The passing of time and changing patterns of the non-human and human lives around these remainders affect their material make-up and way of interacting with their surroundings. The Remaindering revisits material remnants in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Belgium to reflect on what is left of colonial relations that helped to shape city space today. 

Download the full book pages here

Photography: Mario Todeschini

Bridge Remainder

Cardboard sculpture, 2023

Bridge Remainder is one of a series of sculptural pieces emerging from the forms and phenomena of the artist book The Remaindering. Die cut cardboard is arranged to form various configurations based on a repeated series of bridge stairs in Kinshasa. These are never used as an actual bridge (to get across the road) but are occupied by various forms of human and plant life (see The Remaindering for more details). The images below show a pristine version of the sculptures from the exhibition Overwhelmed (2023). Bridge Remainder now enters the next phase of its life, where it will be used by people, cats and plants before reentering the gallery space.